Shortbread Cookies | Butter Cookies| Sugar Cookies | Eggless Cookies Recipe

Shortbread Cookies : Delicious melt in the mouth buttery cookies I love butter biscuits for their simplicity and yumminess. These shortbread cookies are made with just three basic ingredients- butter, sugar and flour . The key is to get the proportions right and to cream the butter-sugar mix until it turns gorgeous and fluffy . These taste…

Ragi Chocolate Cookies With Jaggery | Healthy Millet Jaggery Cookies

Yummy eggfree millet flour cookies : I love ragi chocolate cookies and these chewy healthy cookies made with jaggery and a mix of millet flours taste absolutely divine. I like giving [and receiving] handmade and homemade goodies/presents. It has that personal touch which store bought gifts cannot compete with. These little beauties were specially baked one morning for a friend who…

S’Mores Brownie- Eggfree and Whole wheat

S’mores Brownie – Crunchy butter cookie, topped with fudgy chocolate brownie and gooey marshmallows.   3 layers of yumminess- a butter cookie base, topped with a very chocolaty brownie and gooey marshmallows. This S’mores Brownie is absolutely delicious I simply could not resist trying this S’mores brownie recipe when I came across a video of…

Apple Pie Cookies / Eggless Cookies With Cinnamon Apple Filling

Chewy gooey ‘Apple Pie Cookies’ are the perfect answer to satisfy the sweet tooth without making you go on a guilt trip. Warm Apple pies make perfect desserts on a cold winter evening . A fridge full of apples, a cold gust of wind and the love for baking is reason enough to bake these delicious…

#3 Ingredient Gulab Jamun Cookies

The buttery warm smell of freshly baked cookies always puts me in a great mood. I love cookies for the fact that they can be made with the simplest of ingredients and pretty much with anything in your kitchen pantry. Here’s another simple, super yum, buttery, crumbly cookie recipe for you. Ever tried the ready made gulab jamun mix to make cookies? I am sure you will after seeing these.

Harry’s Brookies Akila’s Way

If you have followed Masterchef Australia 2016 long enough, you would definitely know ‘Harry’s Brookies’ . Harry Foster, one of the contestants of the season, made SINsationally delicious dark chocolate brookies for Nigella Lawson’s midnight feast. Needless to say the brookies became the new ‘in’- thing in the baking world. Everybody I know seems to be baking them. Harry’s my second favourite contestant on the show. You can’t help liking this cute guy with that cheeky grin and confident attitude. [Oh and I love his hairstyle too] Like Harry, I am very much about twisting recipes to add my own…

Whole Wheat Mint And Chocochip Cookies

The home made mint extract was waiting to be used in a gorgeous bake and what better way than trying a mint and chocochip cookie? I have made mint and chocolate chip shortbread cookies before, using fresh mint leaves. And yes they did turn nice and tasty. But somehow I wanted something that gives that prominant ‘mint’ flavour in a super crunchy cookie. Well this definitely worked. Notes-

Whole Wheat Spritz Cookies

Spritz cookies are delicate rich buttery cookies, that are shaped either using a cookie press or by piping them. These are also known as Swedish butter cookies and are quite popular during Christmas. The traditional recipe calls for flour, butter, sugar and eggs. This is an eggless version and made with whole wheat flour. Now don’t roll your eyes reading that. I had to make it a bit healthier somehow [and I wasn’t ready to reduce the butter or sugar , that’s the best part in these cookies]. These are crispy on the outside ,buttery and delicate on the inside,…

Whole Wheat Tea Biscuits

The weather is perfect for sipping some hot ginger tea along with crisp home made biscuits. Though I really love cookies, it is thin crisp wafer like biscuits that I crave for with my tea. Here’s my version of ‘krack-jack’ biscuits but in a healthy avatar. Notes-

3-Ingredient Lemon Tea Cookie Recipe

My love for baking makes me experiment a lot and my kitchen now feels like a Science lab. I was sipping a glass of icy lemon tea on a hot summer afternoon and half an hour later these super yummy refreshing cookies came right out of my oven. These cookies are super cool [literally]. Bite into the crunchy wheat cookie and feel the tangy lemon fill your mouth. Sounds lovely? Bake away then.