Fun With Fudge – Easy desserts made with fudges

Three Kinds Of Fudges and Three Whole New Desserts When Anupama sent me a box of fudges from Fudge Galaxy along with a tiny challenge, it was hard to resist. Using those yummy squares in a new dish ? Sounds damn cool, I thought. The difficult thing was to stop myself from gobbling the lot…

Saransh Goila’s – India On My Platter

The first thing that struck me when I received the book ‘ India On My Platter’ was its simplicity. No frills, no fancy culinary jargon, nothing high funda. In the quest to conquer the culinary world, we often make food way too complicated. Saransh’s book is all about the magic of simple cooking , made with love. A reminder of how food is about touching hearts, showering love, creating ever lasting bonds, being kind, offering service and spreading happiness. It brought back some of my fondest memories- Of the garma garam rajma chawal served by a humble shop keeper on…

Cookie Basics

I love baking cookies and over the last few months, i have learnt certain things that work with cookies and some that don’t. After i burnt my first batch of cookies, i realised that there are lots of little but important things to note while baking cookies. Most cookie recipes have some common steps

My First Loaf Of Bread

I am so excited and happy today. If you have tried your hand on bread baking and got it right, you would know exactly what i am talking about. There are some core things involved when it comes to bread- technique, precision and patience. This was a huge challenge for me. Following any recipe to a

How it began

Morphy came as a 9th wedding anniversary present. And then there was no looking back. In the last 3 months I have baked more than anything else I have done. I have always loved cooking and this new tryst in baking gave birth to the idea of starting this blog. A decade back is when I started “cookin