Easy Eggless Yeast Doughnuts Recipe | Homemade Donuts

Easy Eggless Yeast Doughnuts – By far the best ones I have made and I love this recipe. Another academic year comes to an end. While on one hand it makes one realize how fast kids grow, the summer break is definitely something I look forward to. Holidays are about lazing around, spending time with…

Eggless Cinnamon Rolls Recipe | Easy Sweet Cinnamon Rolls

Sweet and aromatic eggless cinnamon rolls. These pillow soft rolls are super easy to make and make a wonderful tea time snack. I have been wanting to try these eggless cinnamon rolls for a long time. So when I invited  Bishakha and Ashish over for tea, these spongy – sweet and spicy rolls seemed perfect….

Bao- Chinese Steamed Buns

Often people wonder how I manage to finish up the massive amounts of baked goodies I make. Besides my kids, husband and their friends, my lovely neighbours have now become my official tasters. It is really nice when you find people who are enthusiastic to taste something completely new. Sometime back Vijaya, my neighbour, happened to tell me about these Chinese steamed buns or Bao that they tasted in a restaurant and asked me to try it. So here it is. I just hope I have a couple of them left for her to taste when she gets back from…

100% Whole Wheat Overnight Bread

I have been experimenting quite a bit with whole wheat breads, wanting to somehow make them as less dense as possible. This one is the best whole wheat loaf I have baked so far. I love how the slices have those gorgeous air pockets and a light feel. I call it ‘over night’ bread since the dough needs to be rested for 6-8 hours. Somehow this makes the dough rise really well the second time. It is quite a simple recipe and you are definitely going to have fun baking this one. Notes-

Bread Kulcha/ Indian Flat Bread Variety [part whole wheat]

This recipe was requested by my mum a couple of days back. Kulcha’s are soft flat breads usually served with chole [or chick peas in spicy gravy]. These remind me of Punjabi dhaba’s which I visited as a child while driving down from New Delhi. I have tried a part whole wheat version and they turned out as lovely as possible.

100% Whole Wheat Bread with Flaxmeal

Being a part of a healthy baking group is what started off my baking journey. Healthy baking offers a lot of scope for experimentation and I keep trying to come up with something new every time i decide to bake. I always thought breads are just not for me and there is absolutely no way that i would

Funky Designer Rolls – 50% Whole Wheat

I had plans of trying a lattice bread, but for some reason this is what i ended up making. I found them super cute and cutting them up was a little heart breaking. That feeling lasted just for a minute though. These are super yummy and soft with a hint of sweetness. Adorably tasty i would say. I hav

One Rise Burger Buns

I made these the other morning for breakfast. They are quick and easy to prepare. By the time i had the filling ready, the buns were warm and fresh out of the oven. The recipe is adapted from Gayathri Kumar’s blog. This one is definitely a keeper. Thank you so much Gayathri, these are just perfect.

Milk Cream / Malai Pull Apart Rolls [50% Whole wheat]

This was an experiment i din’t plan on. I had a different idea for the fresh cream, but well that’s another story. These rolls turned out as soft and fluffy, as one would want them to be, with a hint of sweetness. My 3 year old got back from school and screamed ” You baked bread”! I never realized m

White Bread

The first ever bread i baked- Simple basic white bread loaf. I just realised, i never got down to putting it on the blog. This is one recipe i never tire off. The result is amazing every single time and i feel super happy with myself. Today i made this specially for my granny. The recipe is adapted