Mango Panakam | Mango Jaggery Cooler

Mango panakam is a delicious sweet and tangy summer cooler. This soothing drink is prepared with raw mangoes and jaggery as the main ingredients. Mango Panakam Summer is a fabulous time to stock your fridge with fresh cooling drinks. This summer my family and I have been indulging in mangoes and mango based dishes of…

Biryani Crackers/ Spicy Rice Crackers: Healthy and Baked Snack

Crunchy savoury rice crackers with the flavours of India Spicy rice crackers flavoured with traditional Indian spices and condiments. Biryani crackers are an excellent gluten free snack option.   It has been a while since I have posted something. ‘Morphyandme’ enjoyed a nice long break but now it is time for some action. What better way…

Filter Kaapi Cake

If there is one thing you shouldn’t miss when you visit a ‘tambram’ household, it is our piping hot filter kaapi. There is something special about sipping filter coffee, early in the morning while listening to the suprabhatam in M.S. Subbulakshmi’s voice. I always loved it when my mum woke me up with a steaming hot tumbler of frothy filter coffee. The aroma of freshly brewed decoction is something I always look forward to when I visit my parents home. This morning while sipping my cuppa, I realized I haven’t made a coffee cake for way too long! So, my…

Malpua Inspired Steamed Sponge Cake [Egg Free]

Playing around with Indian flavours is my favourite way of cooking. I have been wanting to bake something inspired from ‘Malpua’ ever since Simran posted her malpua cookie recipe on Ovenderful Mom Bakers Community. All the right flavours of malpua – Cardamom, Fennel, Ghee and Khoya in the form of a spongy moist cake. Too yummy to miss I say! The frequent power cuts inspired [rather forced] me to try making cake in a pressure cooker. Wondering if a steamed cake would be ‘cake-like’? Have a look at that gorgeous crumb. What a beautiful surprise it turned out to be….

Brown Rice Flakes Pudding/ Desi Poha Kheer/ Aval Payasam- Pressure Cooked

South Indian feasts are never complete without a ‘Payasam’ . Payasam/ Kheer is a milk based pudding that is usually slow-cooked over low heat until the ingredients are well cooked and the milk turns thick and creamy. One of the reasons I love using poha in payasam is because it cooks faster and the result is no where less than a traditional ‘pal payasam/rice pudding’. Payasam/ Kheer often involves a lot of stirring and constant attention. My family loves kheer [of any kind] and there are times when my little ones end up asking for it at odd hours. I…

Raksha Bandhan Special- Kaju Barfi/ Kaju Katli/ Cashew Fudge

Indian festivals give us all the reason to treat our sweet tooth. My granny had told me how to make delicious kaju katli ages ago. Today seemed to be the perfect day to make these mouth watering fudgy bites. Raksha bandhan is all about celebrating the special bond between a brother and a sister. The sister ties a ‘rakhi’ [sacred thread] on her brother’s wrist showing her love and the brother in turn promises to stand by her through thick and thin. Besides Raksha bandhan we are also celebrating Avani avattam / Upakarma today. This religious ritual is conducted once…

Gajar Ka Halwa Inspired- Carrot Cake

Carrot cake has been on my to-do list for a long time. I also had a request from someone who wanted a really good recipe for a healthy ‘carrot cake’. So it’s been in my head for quite a while now. I often end up making bakes inspired by traditional Indian dishes. So well here’s another one. This cake was gobbled up in 15 minutes flat and has been one of my best bakes according to hubby dearest. Super moist and flavourful, this carrot cake has a festive exotic feel to it. And I love the fact that it looks…

Desi Bake: Healthy Baked Modak / Kozhukattai – Vegan and Gluten Free

Healthy ingredients plus desi flavours is my favourite combination for baking. Simran’s come up with another interesting ‘healthy baking contest’ for the members of Ovenderful mom bakers community. I absolutely love these contests, one- they give me a solid reason to empty my pocket and stock up my pantry with amazing ingredients, two- I love experimenting with new ingredients and trying interesting unique bakes. So what’s special about this bake- It is vegan and gluten free. I have not used any baking powder or baking soda.

Bread Kulcha/ Indian Flat Bread Variety [part whole wheat]

This recipe was requested by my mum a couple of days back. Kulcha’s are soft flat breads usually served with chole [or chick peas in spicy gravy]. These remind me of Punjabi dhaba’s which I visited as a child while driving down from New Delhi. I have tried a part whole wheat version and they turned out as lovely as possible.

Baked Papdi

Sometimes things happen so effortlessly and the recipe simply comes to you. This morning someone asked for a baked papdi [a cracker usually used in chaat’s and other street food] and my head started working on it immediately. Within half an hour I had gorgeous crisp papdis ready. These taste great a