Eggless Cinnamon Rolls Recipe | Easy Sweet Cinnamon Rolls

Sweet and aromatic eggless cinnamon rolls. These pillow soft rolls are super easy to make and make a wonderful tea time snack. I have been wanting to try these eggless cinnamon rolls for a long time. So when I invited  Bishakha and Ashish over for tea, these spongy – sweet and spicy rolls seemed perfect….

Apple Pie Cookies / Eggless Cookies With Cinnamon Apple Filling

Chewy gooey ‘Apple Pie Cookies’ are the perfect answer to satisfy the sweet tooth without making you go on a guilt trip. Warm Apple pies make perfect desserts on a cold winter evening . A fridge full of apples, a cold gust of wind and the love for baking is reason enough to bake these delicious…

Oats and Apple Crumble Pie

Craving for something sweet ? This humble yet delicious oats and apple crumble pie is sure to tingle your taste buds and not make you feel guilty about the indulgence either. Sounds good? The crunchy oats and toasted wheat germ crumble layered with sweet, moist slices of cinnamon coated apples is sure to make you feel warm and happy. This is also a great snack option for kids. The health benefits of oats is quite well known. Oats is rich in beta- glucan, a fiber that is known to help lower the levels of bad cholesterol. Wheat germ is an…

Whole Wheat Tea Biscuits

The weather is perfect for sipping some hot ginger tea along with crisp home made biscuits. Though I really love cookies, it is thin crisp wafer like biscuits that I crave for with my tea. Here’s my version of ‘krack-jack’ biscuits but in a healthy avatar. Notes-

Gingerbread Cake

The holiday season and the winters do amazing thing to a baker’s mind. This is another recipe adapted from Arlene Kezwer’s book. Honestly i have become her fan. One thing what matters in baking is proportions and her’s are absolutely perfect in every single recipe. This is a ‘ winter cake’. I can

Rich Fruit Cake- Eggfree Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe

With Christmas around the corner, all i hear these days is ‘ rich plum cake’- The traditional rum soaked dry fruits filled festive Christmas cake . Just thinking about it makes one hungry for a bite isn’t it?? Not using eggs or alcohol, but still getting as close as possible to this festive bake, se

Gingerbread Cookies

Yay its December ! I know Christmas is still a couple of weeks away but my new “festive cookie cutters” were too cute to resist. Atulit has a school picnic tomorrow and when he asked for gingerbread ‘man’ cookies, i was more than excited. What better way to spend a cold lazy afternoon than cookie ba

Whole Wheat Pumpkin Cupcakes

I have been wanting to make something interesting with pumpkin ever since i saw all these super yum Halloween special recipes. With the elder kids off to school and the littlest one fast asleep, i ended up doing what i like best – ‘baking’. I had put them in the oven in no time. And in another twent

Two Grain Banana Oats Cookie

In place of sugar there is a fruit A  healthy flour and a whole grain dough Some nut and seed are added too A spice to bring the flavour through How many of you miss the most important meal of the day? Morning’s are a total rush and  a lot of us end up skipping our breakfast. These cookies are like

Whole Wheat Chocolate Banana Loaf Cake Recipe

Its another special day. My youngest son’s first birthday. I wanted Adbhut’s first ever cake to be something he would enjoy. So in went his favorite fruits. I am super happy about how this loaf cake turned out. Its simple, healthy and flavorful at the same time. My home smells all warm and ‘cinnamon