Turmeric Milk Jello Shots [Vegetarian]

Turmeric Milk Jello Shots These turmeric milk jello shots are so easy to make and taste awesome too. My kids love the coconut jello I make and I make it a tad too often. So today I thought, why not give that a little twist and give the jiggly wiggly treat a makeover. One of…

Almond And Coconut Pudding

Pretty as a picture isn’t it? And a breeze to make too. The simpler a dish, the more I am drawn to it. This is the kind of dessert that you can whip up in no time for sudden visitors. Use some fancy ramkins or molds to make this humble pudding look elegant and attractive. A creamy dreamy dessert that is ready in a jiffy. Notes-

Coconut Jello [Vegetarian]

When you want to make something coconutty and your kids demand ‘something different’ and you want to keep it simple yet elegant – Here’s the answer! This wobbly coconutty jello makes a perfect quick fix dessert to please the ‘baccha party’. The fact that it looks like a dream is an added bonus. You won’t believe how easy this is ! Notes-

Gluten Free and Vegan Coco-Rice Cupcakes

It is pretty much impossible to not get inspired in baking if you are a part of Ovenderful Mom Bakers Community. I can’t even begin to write how much I have learnt from this wonderful group. When one decides to try healthy baking, the options become limitless. It is a whole new world in itself. I have always been skeptical about using rice flour in bakes. That ‘floury’ gritty feel of rice flour always stopped me. Sometime last week two bakers from the group shared gorgeous looking rice flour cookies and rice flour cupcakes. Femina and Sunaina thank you so…

#3 Ingredient Vegan Avocado Ice Cream

I like it best when I end up making something really tasty without actually planning and preparing for it. Seeing the over ripe avocados , I was thinking on the lines of a sorbet or a regular ice cream. But that coconut milk carton caught my eye and here we are with this super yum vegan dessert. Avocado and coconut are like a match made in heaven. The ice cream feels so creamy and has this delicious subtle coconut flavour. I loved it. Need more reasons to try this? # Its made with just 3 ingredients

Oats and Almond Pudding [Baked]

Last night, i came across a wonderful dish a friend had posted -baked ‘sabudana’ pudding with strawberry sauce. I decided to do something similar with oats. My kids are bored of eating oats the usual way and this one turned out surprisingly tasty.