Hubby’s Dal Makhani

In our ten years of marriage, Arun and I have spent numerous hours in the kitchen trying new dishes and experimenting with various ingredients. Dal Makhani is one of his specialties. It is one of those dishes I crave for on a lazy weekend and though you might think I am biased, this is hands down the tastiest Dal makhani ever. Here’s the first guest post from my hubby dearest. “I’m a software guy and writing technical documents is a part of my day job. When Akila asked me if I can write a guest post for her food blog…

Bread Sticks

Summer holidays mean hungry kids who want something interesting 10 times a day. These bread sticks make quite a lovely snack with some cheesy dip or tomato salsa. The recipe has been adapted from King Arthur Flour’s blog. And I think you are going to see quite a few bread recipes from there. It is such an amazing blog and the breads do turn out brilliant. Did I tell you this doesn’t need kneading and you just need to let it rise once.

Irish Chocolate Potato Cake – Eggless and Whole Wheat Version

I honestly never imagined potatoes in a cake until I came across a pic of a potato based cake last evening. I did a bit of research on the net and came across the Irish Chocolate Potato Cake that looked absolutely divine. I simply had to try it and in my way. I think the picture above says it all. The texture is absolutely brilliant, with loads of air pockets that gives the cake a spongy light feel. Yet it has a richness that all chocolate cakes must have. Moist and absolutely mouth watering. And I bet no one would…

Bread Kulcha/ Indian Flat Bread Variety [part whole wheat]

This recipe was requested by my mum a couple of days back. Kulcha’s are soft flat breads usually served with chole [or chick peas in spicy gravy]. These remind me of Punjabi dhaba’s which I visited as a child while driving down from New Delhi. I have tried a part whole wheat version and they turned out as lovely as possible.

Holi Special-Pretty Pink Rose Cake

I wanted to bake something pretty and colourful today. After all it is Holi- The festival of colours. Plus my friend Donna and her lovely little princess are visiting me today. Michu loves me and my bakes. I can’t wait to see her reaction. Hubby took this to work and it was a total hit. Simple and easy just the way I like it. The rose flavour gives this cake a middle eastern touch and the baby pink is sure to make you go awwww. Soft, moist and yum. Notes-

Healthy Choco Lava Cake

Digging into a warm chocolate cupcake and finding gooey melted dark chocolate inside it would make anyone drool. A healthier version makes it even more worth it. Notes- Oven temperature and time may vary. Bake just until the top sets. I used Amul’s dark chocolate. You can use any good dark chocolate to get a lovely gooey lava.

100% Whole Wheat Bread with Flaxmeal

Being a part of a healthy baking group is what started off my baking journey. Healthy baking offers a lot of scope for experimentation and I keep trying to come up with something new every time i decide to bake. I always thought breads are just not for me and there is absolutely no way that i would

Funky Designer Rolls – 50% Whole Wheat

I had plans of trying a lattice bread, but for some reason this is what i ended up making. I found them super cute and cutting them up was a little heart breaking. That feeling lasted just for a minute though. These are super yummy and soft with a hint of sweetness. Adorably tasty i would say. I hav

One Rise Burger Buns

I made these the other morning for breakfast. They are quick and easy to prepare. By the time i had the filling ready, the buns were warm and fresh out of the oven. The recipe is adapted from Gayathri Kumar’s blog. This one is definitely a keeper. Thank you so much Gayathri, these are just perfect.

Milk Cream / Malai Pull Apart Rolls [50% Whole wheat]

This was an experiment i din’t plan on. I had a different idea for the fresh cream, but well that’s another story. These rolls turned out as soft and fluffy, as one would want them to be, with a hint of sweetness. My 3 year old got back from school and screamed ” You baked bread”! I never realized m