Filter Kaapi Cake

If there is one thing you shouldn’t miss when you visit a ‘tambram’ household, it is our piping hot filter kaapi. There is something special about sipping filter coffee, early in the morning while listening to the suprabhatam in M.S. Subbulakshmi’s voice. I always loved it when my mum woke me up with a steaming hot tumbler of frothy filter coffee. The aroma of freshly brewed decoction is something I always look forward to when I visit my parents home. This morning while sipping my cuppa, I realized I haven’t made a coffee cake for way too long! So, my…

Almond And Coconut Pudding

Pretty as a picture isn’t it? And a breeze to make too. The simpler a dish, the more I am drawn to it. This is the kind of dessert that you can whip up in no time for sudden visitors. Use some fancy ramkins or molds to make this humble pudding look elegant and attractive. A creamy dreamy dessert that is ready in a jiffy. Notes-

Sweet Lime Curd [Egg Free]

I planned on making a lemon meringue pie today, but ran out of lemons! The fruit basket had a couple of juicy sweet limes and well here’s the result. The curd is silky smooth with a brilliant balance of sweet and tart. And it is super easy to make too. This recipe has been adapted from the eggless lemon curd recipe from the blog – Flours and Frostings. Notes- The cornflour paste should be lump free and mixed well.

Harry’s Brookies Akila’s Way

If you have followed Masterchef Australia 2016 long enough, you would definitely know ‘Harry’s Brookies’ . Harry Foster, one of the contestants of the season, made SINsationally delicious dark chocolate brookies for Nigella Lawson’s midnight feast. Needless to say the brookies became the new ‘in’- thing in the baking world. Everybody I know seems to be baking them. Harry’s my second favourite contestant on the show. You can’t help liking this cute guy with that cheeky grin and confident attitude. [Oh and I love his hairstyle too] Like Harry, I am very much about twisting recipes to add my own…

Star Fruit Curd [Egg-free]

I had been on a lookout for a really good egg free lemon curd recipe for a while. So when Akshatha posted it on her blog ‘Flours and Frostings’ , I knew this was it. Well I was out of lemons and the star fruits hubby picked up the other day were just too sour to eat. Now you know how this happened ! With just a couple of changes to Akshatha’s recipe [ since star fruit has a sweet-sour sort of a taste] here’s the yummy creamy ‘Star Fruit Curd’.

Mozzarella Bites

There are times when my kids say ‘Amma we want something interesting to eat’. These crispy mozzarella bites filled with melted stringy cheese was a definite winner. I have been hooked to Masterchef Australia lately. I particularly enjoyed the technique Marco Pierre White used to make the perfect arancini. I did something similar to get a lovely crisp coat on my cheese cubes. Guess what, it totally worked and there was hardly any mess.

Whole Wheat Spritz Cookies

Spritz cookies are delicate rich buttery cookies, that are shaped either using a cookie press or by piping them. These are also known as Swedish butter cookies and are quite popular during Christmas. The traditional recipe calls for flour, butter, sugar and eggs. This is an eggless version and made with whole wheat flour. Now don’t roll your eyes reading that. I had to make it a bit healthier somehow [and I wasn’t ready to reduce the butter or sugar , that’s the best part in these cookies]. These are crispy on the outside ,buttery and delicate on the inside,…

Whole Wheat Tea Biscuits

The weather is perfect for sipping some hot ginger tea along with crisp home made biscuits. Though I really love cookies, it is thin crisp wafer like biscuits that I crave for with my tea. Here’s my version of ‘krack-jack’ biscuits but in a healthy avatar. Notes-

Spice and Nut – Rock Cakes

Harry, Ron and Hermione spent many free evenings in Hagrid’s hut talking about their latest adventures in Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Hagrid was an awful cook and I always assumed the rock cakes he served were called so for a reason ! Ron broke his teeth once thanks to them. [Note- I really hope you are a Harry Potter fan too. If not, well that’s ok and don’t worry thankfully my baking is much better than Hagrid’s] Rock cakes are called so because of the way they look [ small and with a rough surface]. They are truly…

Eggless Custard Cream

I planned to dress up a simple cake for my parents 32nd wedding anniversary. So here’s what I did with whatever ingredients I had at home. And guess what? It turned out perfect. This custard cream is super easy to make and is perfect for frosting.