Caramel Fudge Squares : No Bake Caramel and Dark Chocolate Squares

Chewy Caramel Fudge Squares because nothing can ever go wrong if there is chocolate involved. Bite sized quick desserts are always fun to make and eat. I was making some caramel sauce but decided on turning that into these gorgeous fudge squares instead. It is quite difficult to have a large bar of dark chocolate…

Toffee Fudge: Christmas Treats

Chewy caramel toffee fudge topped with dark chocolate and nuts. Holidays are a lot about eating yummy goodies. This toffee fudge is a perfect ‘quick’ treat to please kids and adults alike. My facebook page is more often than not filled with food related posts. I absolutely loved the toffee fudge video I came across and made it the…

Healthy Choco Lava Cake

Digging into a warm chocolate cupcake and finding gooey melted dark chocolate inside it would make anyone drool. A healthier version makes it even more worth it. Notes- Oven temperature and time may vary. Bake just until the top sets. I used Amul’s dark chocolate. You can use any good dark chocolate to get a lovely gooey lava.

3-Grain Dark Chocolate Brookie/ Cookie Brownie

There are times when i want to bake too many things at one go. I was in the mood for a butter cookie and then there was this dark chocolate bar i had saved up for making brownies. I have also been very keen on trying amaranth flour in cakes. Everything in the head came together to give this yummy da

Basic Whole Wheat Chocolate Cake

This one is a perfect recipe for beginners. Its soft, moist , spongy and has a superb crumb. In case you are skeptical about using whole wheat, you have got to try this.

Healthy Heart/Valentine Special- 3 Grain Dark Chocolate Berry Nutty Cake

Who say’s healthy can’t be rich and tasty? When someone says that, they are diabetic/ have high cholesterol / gluten intolerance or that they are trying to diet, how many of us think “Oh man, how sad it is to eat bland tasteless food”? Here’s a heart healthy recipe that’s going to make you totally d

Two Grain Banana Oats Cookie

In place of sugar there is a fruit A  healthy flour and a whole grain dough Some nut and seed are added too A spice to bring the flavour through How many of you miss the most important meal of the day? Morning’s are a total rush and  a lot of us end up skipping our breakfast. These cookies are like

White Chocolate Dipped Dark Chococake Pops

Its Aardra’s third birthday and i woke up all excited to bake her favourite chocolate cake. i had these yummy chocolate bars from our recent trip to Coorg that i was waiting to put to good use. i keep planning as the work proceeds and so, by the time the cake came out i decided on cake pops that she