10 Minute Oats Unni-Appam/ Nei Appam

A few years back my son spent his summer hols with my parents in God’s own country- Kerala. Temple visits are our family’s favourite way to spend weekends and holidays. He specially loved visiting the Kottarakara Ganapathy temple. Ask him why and he would say they make the tastiest unni-appams ever. I think he has taken after me, in looking forward to tasty ‘temple prasadam’. Unni- appam/ Nei appam is a fried sweet dumpling usually made with a combination of rice flour, wheat flour, banana and jaggery. Grated coconut and cardamom is often added to bring in more flavour. These…

Oats and Apple Crumble Pie

Craving for something sweet ? This humble yet delicious oats and apple crumble pie is sure to tingle your taste buds and not make you feel guilty about the indulgence either. Sounds good? The crunchy oats and toasted wheat germ crumble layered with sweet, moist slices of cinnamon coated apples is sure to make you feel warm and happy. This is also a great snack option for kids. The health benefits of oats is quite well known. Oats is rich in beta- glucan, a fiber that is known to help lower the levels of bad cholesterol. Wheat germ is an…

Eggless Cheesy Palak Paneer Quiche

My first Quiche ! I have been wanting to bake one for ages but never found an easy eggless recipe. This one is adapted from a recipe I found online. I know it isn’t perfect looking but it sure tastes yum.

Healthy Cottage Cheese And Hung Curd Cheesecake With An Almond-Oats Crust

I really doubt I need to explain this any further. Isn’t this droolsome? Cheesecakes are usually very rich and fattening. I wanted to come up with something as close as possible to the traditional cheesecake and make it healthy at the same time. This is tasty, low on fat and high on proteins. The nu

Multi-grain Date and Seed Granola Cookies

These power packed super healthy cookies were made specially for my house help Lakshmi. I wanted to bake something that is nutrient rich, healthy, filling and tasty. This fits the bill perfectly. This is a perfect snack to take care of those hunger pangs.  Filled with oats, sesame, dates, peanuts, j

Cornflakes, Oats and Millet Cookies

Atulit, my 8 year old,  absolutely loves this combination. The cornflakes and oats make these buttery cookies delightfully crunchy. I have tried these cookies with whole wheat flour too. Today i chose to add some ‘multi- millet flour’ instead. This not only added to the ‘health quotient’ of the cook

Oats and Almond Pudding [Baked]

Last night, i came across a wonderful dish a friend had posted -baked ‘sabudana’ pudding with strawberry sauce. I decided to do something similar with oats. My kids are bored of eating oats the usual way and this one turned out surprisingly tasty.

Baked Potato Scone/  Tattie Scone

Potato scones or tattie scones are popular in many parts of Scotland.  Traditionally, they are made of  mashed potato, flour, butter and salt, and cooked on a griddle. This simple recipe turns out to be very versatile, and one can add the choicest of ingredients to make the dish wholesome and tasty.

Oats and Poha Cookies

Adding a desi touch to cookies is something i thoroughly enjoy. Poha or beaten rice is an  excellent substitute for rice flour, when it comes to baking. The oats, poha and almonds blend with each other to give this cookie an amazing crunch and the inside has a hollow feel, making the cookie light an