100% Whole Wheat Bread Rolls

Every time I make a whole wheat bread, it gets better. That’s the best thing about bread baking, you keep getting better with time and practice. This isn’t a difficult recipe but it does takes a long time. I have found that slow long fermentation works brilliantly for whole wheat breads to improve both texture and flavour. I am pretty happy with how these turned out.

Cheesy Pineapple Canape`s

I think watching cookery shows is rubbing off on me. Wow I plated that and I feel super happy looking at it. The ‘pineapple and cheese in a toothpick’ snack, is something that reminds me of parties I attended as a kid in the Air Force mess. I decided to add some more fun and flavour to this simple canape`. So we have a super crisp sesame cheddar cracker layered with caramelized cottage cheese and grilled pineapple, topped with a tiny dollop of cream cheese and some dark chocolate. One bite and it bursts into a lovely mix of flavours…

Bread Sticks

Summer holidays mean hungry kids who want something interesting 10 times a day. These bread sticks make quite a lovely snack with some cheesy dip or tomato salsa. The recipe has been adapted from King Arthur Flour’s blog. And I think you are going to see quite a few bread recipes from there. It is such an amazing blog and the breads do turn out brilliant. Did I tell you this doesn’t need kneading and you just need to let it rise once.

100% Whole Wheat Bread with Flaxmeal

Being a part of a healthy baking group is what started off my baking journey. Healthy baking offers a lot of scope for experimentation and I keep trying to come up with something new every time i decide to bake. I always thought breads are just not for me and there is absolutely no way that i would

Funky Designer Rolls – 50% Whole Wheat

I had plans of trying a lattice bread, but for some reason this is what i ended up making. I found them super cute and cutting them up was a little heart breaking. That feeling lasted just for a minute though. These are super yummy and soft with a hint of sweetness. Adorably tasty i would say. I hav

Milk Cream / Malai Pull Apart Rolls [50% Whole wheat]

This was an experiment i din’t plan on. I had a different idea for the fresh cream, but well that’s another story. These rolls turned out as soft and fluffy, as one would want them to be, with a hint of sweetness. My 3 year old got back from school and screamed ” You baked bread”! I never realized m

White Bread

The first ever bread i baked- Simple basic white bread loaf. I just realised, i never got down to putting it on the blog. This is one recipe i never tire off. The result is amazing every single time and i feel super happy with myself. Today i made this specially for my granny. The recipe is adapted

Healthy Heart/Valentine Special- 3 Grain Dark Chocolate Berry Nutty Cake

Who say’s healthy can’t be rich and tasty? When someone says that, they are diabetic/ have high cholesterol / gluten intolerance or that they are trying to diet, how many of us think “Oh man, how sad it is to eat bland tasteless food”? Here’s a heart healthy recipe that’s going to make you totally d

Baked Potato Scone/  Tattie Scone

Potato scones or tattie scones are popular in many parts of Scotland.  Traditionally, they are made of  mashed potato, flour, butter and salt, and cooked on a griddle. This simple recipe turns out to be very versatile, and one can add the choicest of ingredients to make the dish wholesome and tasty.

Baked Raw Banana Chips / Vazhakkai varaval

This one is as simple as it sounds. After i had tried my hands on crispy okra, i knew this would be a success. Vazhakkai varaval is often served as a starter in south Indian meals. These are made by deep frying the raw banana slices, until they turn crisp. Baking them is definitely a healthier optio