Maize and Potato Spicy Quick Bread

My home made potato flour was waiting to be used and I thought why not try a ‘gluten free’ bake. This one tastes very similar to our desi ‘dhokla’ and I decided to eat it with some tangy tamarind chutney and green mint chutney. Makki ka aata [maize flour] , potato flour, dried herbs and spices together turned into a yummy tea-time snack. Notes-

Potato Flour

I have come across various baking recipes, specially breads that have potato starch/ flour/ flakes as an ingredient. Potatoes give the bake an amazing texture and structure. Having tried mashed potatoes in a couple of bakes I know the difference they make. This is one ingredient that I haven’t seen in the local stores and then I thought ‘why not try making it at home’. All you need is a good slicer and sunlight. Notes- For the potato flour to last longer, make sure the potato slices are dried well before grinding.

100% Whole Wheat Overnight Bread

I have been experimenting quite a bit with whole wheat breads, wanting to somehow make them as less dense as possible. This one is the best whole wheat loaf I have baked so far. I love how the slices have those gorgeous air pockets and a light feel. I call it ‘over night’ bread since the dough needs to be rested for 6-8 hours. Somehow this makes the dough rise really well the second time. It is quite a simple recipe and you are definitely going to have fun baking this one. Notes-

Irish Chocolate Potato Cake – Eggless and Whole Wheat Version

I honestly never imagined potatoes in a cake until I came across a pic of a potato based cake last evening. I did a bit of research on the net and came across the Irish Chocolate Potato Cake that looked absolutely divine. I simply had to try it and in my way. I think the picture above says it all. The texture is absolutely brilliant, with loads of air pockets that gives the cake a spongy light feel. Yet it has a richness that all chocolate cakes must have. Moist and absolutely mouth watering. And I bet no one would…

Aalu Tikki- Indian Potato Fritters

Every guest at my place definitely gets to taste these. This is one of my finest recipes and i am pretty sure you would love it. Indian street food has such a variety and is full of flavour. These aalu tikki’s make a great base for your  “chaat’s” . I also make veg burgers with these. But i enjoy th

Paav- Bhaji

Nothing like classic Indian street food isn’t it? This morning my home made pav buns were waiting to be eaten. And what better way, than to pair them up with this delicious bhaji.

Whole Wheat Tangzhong Milk Bread

I have been wanting to bake a 100% whole wheat bread for ages. Last week i came across a wonderful recipe on Sumod Tom’s blog. I had heard quite a lot about the ‘tangzhong’ method of bread baking, courtesy the baking groups i am a part of, on facebook. It basically uses a mix called ‘roux’ , which i

Baked Potato Scone/  Tattie Scone

Potato scones or tattie scones are popular in many parts of Scotland.  Traditionally, they are made of  mashed potato, flour, butter and salt, and cooked on a griddle. This simple recipe turns out to be very versatile, and one can add the choicest of ingredients to make the dish wholesome and tasty.

Aalu Bun/ Potato Stuffed Rolls- Part Whole Wheat

I have a huge to-do list when it comes to bread baking. A few days back I tasted super yummy aalu buns from the Iyengar bakery nearby. I just couldn’t wait to try these. Using whole wheat in a bake, often gives us the impression that the end product would end up dense or not so tasty. These buns [

Bombay Masala/ Aalu saagu

My Mom used to make this regularly. It was kind of our staple Sunday brunch. I have no idea why its called ‘ bombay masala’, my friend from Mumbai has never heard of it. But my mum calls it that , and so the name stays. The boiled  potatoes are roughly chopped to give a chunky squishy curry along wi