Ragi Chocolate Cookies With Jaggery | Healthy Millet Jaggery Cookies

Yummy eggfree millet flour cookies : I love ragi chocolate cookies and these chewy healthy cookies made with jaggery and a mix of millet flours taste absolutely divine. I like giving [and receiving] handmade and homemade goodies/presents. It has that personal touch which store bought gifts cannot compete with. These little beauties were specially baked one morning for a friend who…

Barley Brownies

One of my baking buddies has been creating some amazing bakes with barley flour. Experimenting with alternative flours in cakes and bakes can be a real eye opener. When it comes to cakes most people seem to believe that using white flour, refined sugar, butter and eggs is the only way to go about it. A year back I thought on the same lines. But then Ovenderful happened and this amazing ‘Healthy Baking’ community has made me believe that nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, is impossible when it comes to baking. Last night I decided on giving barley flour a go. We…

Harry’s Brookies Akila’s Way

If you have followed Masterchef Australia 2016 long enough, you would definitely know ‘Harry’s Brookies’ . Harry Foster, one of the contestants of the season, made SINsationally delicious dark chocolate brookies for Nigella Lawson’s midnight feast. Needless to say the brookies became the new ‘in’- thing in the baking world. Everybody I know seems to be baking them. Harry’s my second favourite contestant on the show. You can’t help liking this cute guy with that cheeky grin and confident attitude. [Oh and I love his hairstyle too] Like Harry, I am very much about twisting recipes to add my own…

Healthy Dark Chocolate Brownie

When in doubt, always bake a brownie. There is nothing better than indulging in this chocolaty goodness. What makes this particular one special, you may ask? This one has no all purpose flour or white sugar or eggs. It is a gorgeous blend of Ragi and Jowar flours along with dark chocolate and sweetened with cane sugar. These brownies are super fudgy and chocolaty. I bet you can’t stop at one. These are also perfect for people looking for gluten free options. Trust me on this one- ragi, jowar and dark chocolate together make a killer combination.

3-Grain Dark Chocolate Brookie/ Cookie Brownie

There are times when i want to bake too many things at one go. I was in the mood for a butter cookie and then there was this dark chocolate bar i had saved up for making brownies. I have also been very keen on trying amaranth flour in cakes. Everything in the head came together to give this yummy da

Multi-grain Almond Cookies

I love baking cookies and i love making something new every single time. I have stocked up on a lot of healthy flour varieties and they go perfectly well with cookies. These beauties are buttery and chewy and you can feel the almonds in every bite. Interesting??  Read on then.