Aalu Methi / Potato and Fenugreek Greens Stir Fry

Bangalore feels like heaven and I am loving the cold wet weather, which is much welcome after the really hot summer we had. The only complaint Hubby dearest has is the idea of going grocery shopping on a cold Saturday morning. I agree, the idea of getting out of the cozy warm bed and walking on muddy puddles of water isn’t exactly appealing. There are certain things ‘Google baba’ is definitely sought for. So I looked up Vegetables Online India and loads of options popped up , like Big Basket. Of course I had heard of them. They seem to…

Tomato Slice Chaat

The road-side chaat wala’s of Bangalore serve some super interesting and yummy chaat’s. This is an absolute delight for tomato lovers.

Paav- Bhaji

Nothing like classic Indian street food isn’t it? This morning my home made pav buns were waiting to be eaten. And what better way, than to pair them up with this delicious bhaji.

Bombay Masala/ Aalu saagu

My Mom used to make this regularly. It was kind of our staple Sunday brunch. I have no idea why its called ‘ bombay masala’, my friend from Mumbai has never heard of it. But my mum calls it that , and so the name stays. The boiled ¬†potatoes are roughly chopped to give a chunky squishy curry along wi

Palak Paneer

A yummy combi of fresh green leafy spinach and soft cottage cheese , this is my all time favourite paneer dish. The basic recipe is from Tarla Dalal’s – book of paneer recipes. I have made a few changes to simplify the process. I think the only hard work required in this recipe is washing and cleani