My First Loaf Of Bread



I am so excited and happy today. If you have tried your hand on bread baking and got it right, you would know exactly what i am talking about.

There are some core things involved when it comes to bread- technique, precision and patience. This was a huge challenge for me. Following any recipe to a ‘T’ is something very unlike me [ this comes from my mom, who does everything ” andaaz se” ].

Last night i did a lot of prep work. First thing first i ordered some really really good yeast. My bread baker friend Anshu is an expert in understanding yeast. Reading up her blog on it, is what i did next.[ In case you are interested, check her blog “The Secret Ingredient”. She’s penned down every bit you need to know about this amazing creature].

All i now needed was a really fool proof recipe. The first person who came to my head was Sumod Tom. Having seen a lot of people who have tried and succeeded using his recipe, i looked no where else to start off.

This morning has been super fun and yes quite a bit of work too. Well i couldn’t follow the recipe to the “T” .Since my loaf tin was small, so i adjusted the quantity of every ingredient. [ my math gave up on me when i had to halve so many fractions!.. so i just tried to be as close as possible to the right quantity] . But technique and method i definitely followed. Oh and i am so proud of myself for the patience i showed.

Honestly i felt like i was back in my science lab at school. This one is really like a biology experiment. Activating the yeast , kneading the dough, seeing it rise , punching it down, shaping it and then ultimately baking it to get this beauty.



But the fun doesn’t end there [ nor does the waiting]. It has got to cool completely before you can slice it. This was quite challenging !

My husband and kids ended up getting equally excited seeing this. Oh god let it cool fast.

Our very own bread slices yay! Needless to say the family pounced on it immediately. That, i think was the best part. Seeing your family getting as excited as you are, is super motivating.



I can’t wait to post the recipe as soon as i get it right once more. I am off to make my special ginger tea and serve it with some buttered toasts .

Here’s to more bread baking. Cheers .



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