Paan Thandai – Beetle Leaf Drink

Jalpaan is a restaurant in Mysore that I visited a couple of months back. After the meal, we were served with the ‘Jalpaan special drink’ in tiny shot glasses. The cold beetal leaf drink tastes absolutely heavenly and is perfect after a heavy meal. We actually asked them to serve us one more round of the same !

Trying it at home was on my to-do list for ages and here it is at last.

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Paan Thandai - Beetle Leaf Drink
  1. Wash and remove the stalk of the beetle leaves.
  2. Chop it roughly and grind it once along with the tutti frutti and sugar.
  3. Add chilled milk and blend the whole mixture well in an electric mixer. [Taste once to see if it is sweet enough. If not add another spoonful of sugar]
  4. Strain and squeeze out the juice from the pulp.
  5. Serve cold.
Recipe Notes


I used two kinds of beetle leaves- the maghai ones [which are tender and blend easily] and the dark strong flavoured ones. A combination of the two takes care of both the colour and flavour.

This drink must be served chilled and though you might want to drink gallons of it, I think shot glasses are the way to go.

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