Saransh Goila’s – India On My Platter

Cook Book Received From Team Filfora For Winning Their ‘Desi -Videsi’ Themed Food Contest


The first thing that struck me when I received the book ‘ India On My Platter’ was its simplicity. No frills, no fancy culinary jargon, nothing high funda.
In the quest to conquer the culinary world, we often make food way too complicated.
Saransh’s book is all about the magic of simple cooking , made with love.


A reminder of how food is about touching hearts, showering love, creating ever lasting bonds, being kind, offering service and spreading happiness.

It brought back some of my fondest memories- Of the garma garam rajma chawal served by a humble shop keeper on our road trip to Kedarnath, of Horanadu – where we spent a cold night in the Annapurneshwari temple complex provided with fresh food and warm blankets, of eating chole puri on the banks of river Ganges, of drinking chai in a kulhad during our train journeys, of steaming idlies served by  madisaar maami’s in temple agraharams, of cooking simple daal chawal on a makeshift chulha during our treks. I could just go on forever.

If what I am sharing makes you nostalgic, believe me Saransh is going to make you travel incredible India with his words and food stories.
Much as I would like to read the book all the way through in one go, I am taking my own sweet time and savouring each unique experience.
Thank you Saransh for bringing back my childhood memories and making me fall in love with cooking all over again.

Besides the beautiful travel stories, Saransh has also included around 50 lip smacking recipes. I can’t wait to try the satpura parathas, the no-bake Coorg coffee brownies and chandan ke kabab to name a few. His recipes are so ‘doable’ yet very unique and interesting.

Go grab your books today for a heart warming read and for the love of food.

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