Sindh Kitchen – Sindhi Thali Meal Review

Sindhi Thali Meal at Sindh Kitchen Malleswaram-

This was the second time I got to taste a wholesome Sindhi meal at Sindh Kitchen Malleswaram.

What really made me want to go back was that there was a very homely feel to the dishes served. Both in terms of taste and in the way it was served to us.

Akshay’s mum is a wonderful host and when she’s around , you are sure to feel “well fed” by the end of the meal. And of course all the authentic Sindhi dishes are age old recipes from her kitchen.

Here’s a glimpse of what we ate :

Welcome drink -Mint Lime Cooler
I really like this and I think it’s a great idea to have a pitcher of this handy to go with the hearty meal.




Palak Chaat, Sev Papdi Chaat:

My vote definitely goes for the crispy spinach leaf topped with everything yum. Palak chaat is one of my favorites from the menu.



Aalu Tuk:
Tikki’s  double fried super crispy cousin, served with a sprinkling of chilli powder and chaat masala.

My verdict – was sold out when I heard ‘double fried’ !


Dal Pakwaan:
A crisp deep fried mathri like pakwaan topped with chopped onions, green chutney and tamarind chutney , served with a simple dal.

Add a generous spoonful of the dal over the crisp pakwaan and enjoy .

I personally prefer a little more of the spicy and tangy chutneys to add more flavor since the dal on its own is quite plain.



Main course:

Koki with Sai Bhaji and Curd

A thickish paratha like bread stuffed with chopped onions and coriander and kneaded with almost no water, served with a lentil curry that has a mix of veggies and three kinds of greens.

This combi here is a meal of its own, and a very hearty one at that .

White Rice and Sindhi Kadhi

Sindhi kadhi is quite different from the Punjabi and Gujrati kadhis , which have a yogurt base. This one on the other hand is like a thin tangy lentil soup made with loads of tomatoes, toor dal, some veggies for flavour, kokum flowers for the tang and besan to adjust the thickness.

What’s my take?
Of the lot this rice- kadhi combo gives that ghar ka comfort food feel the most.😊

Oh and the Sweet Boondi served with this – yummm on its own
I would not want to mix these up though.

Pragree with Rabdee (A flaky deep fried pastry with rabdee)
Gulab Jamun with Ice cream

Though the desserts aren’t bad, I wouldn’t say one should have high expectations for this bit. After a bit of a variety , one does expect a mind blowing dessert to finish the meal but that’s one thing I find missing from this menu.


What I like about this place- 

1. It is a small comfy place, perfect for a family dinner/lunch.
2. They are good with the fried stuff.
3. They have regular North Indian fare too and I liked the paneer dish I had the last time.

Things that they can work on :

1. It is great that they get freshly prepared food, but the service at times is too slow and I honestly don’t enjoy waiting with an empty plate.

2. I was disappointed with the dessert options both the times and I would love it if they work on that aspect of their menu, because one always goes back with the memories of how it ended.

Sindh Kitchen has a lot of scope and I really hope they keep dishing out the lovely dishes I enjoyed and come up with more.

Thankyou so much for the invite Caroline and Akshay

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