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Coconut mango pudding- A healthy dessert made with just 3 ingredients. A no-cook, no-bake sugarless treat that tastes absolutely yum
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Coconut Mango Pudding: 3-Ingredient Healthy Dessert

This Coconut Mango Pudding is sheer delight. A dessert which is yummy and healthy too. The coconut and mango pudding is inspired by my friend Priya’s gorgeous mango parfait which she made a few weeks back. I love layered desserts set in individual glasses. I had ordered basil seeds/ sabja sometime back and this healthy […]

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3- Ingredient Black currant Ice Cream

Home made ice creams taste heavenly and are super easy to whip up. This yummy blackcurrant ice cream uses just 3 ingredients and all you need to do is mix them all up and freeze. Easy right? Dad and I always ordered the pretty mauve coloured blackcurrant ice cream. I doubt if we liked the flavour as much as we loved the colour. This one’s for you pa. Notes-

Tangy Crisp 3 Ingredient Lemon Tea Flavour Cookies. These tea time biscuits make a yummy snack and are super easy to bake.
3-Ingredient Recipes : Easy Recipes With Just 3 Ingredients, Cookies

3-Ingredient Lemon Tea Cookie Recipe

My love for baking makes me experiment a lot and my kitchen now feels like a Science lab. I was sipping a glass of icy lemon tea on a hot summer afternoon and half an hour later these super yummy refreshing cookies came right out of my oven. These cookies are super cool [literally]. Bite into the crunchy wheat cookie and feel the tangy lemon fill your mouth. Sounds lovely? Bake away then.