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Melt in the mouth buttery gulab jamun cookies made with just 3 ingredients. A fun recipe to use left over gulab jamun mix.
3-Ingredient Recipes : Easy Recipes With Just 3 Ingredients, Cookies

#3 Ingredient Gulab Jamun Cookies

The buttery warm smell of freshly baked cookies always puts me in a great mood. I love cookies for the fact that they can be made with the simplest of ingredients and pretty much with anything in your kitchen pantry. Here’s another simple, super yum, buttery, crumbly cookie recipe for you. Ever tried the ready made gulab jamun mix to make cookies? I am sure you will after seeing these.


Whole Wheat Spritz Cookies

Spritz cookies are delicate rich buttery cookies, that are shaped either using a cookie press or by piping them. These are also known as Swedish butter cookies and are quite popular during Christmas. The traditional recipe calls for flour, butter, sugar and eggs. This is an eggless version and made with whole wheat flour. Now don’t roll your eyes reading that. I had to make it a bit healthier somehow [and I wasn’t ready to reduce the butter or sugar , that’s the best part in these cookies]. These are crispy on the outside ,buttery and delicate on the inside,…