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Eggless Cakes, Cupcakes and More

Malpua Inspired Steamed Sponge Cake [Egg Free]

Playing around with Indian flavours is my favourite way of cooking. I have been wanting to bake something inspired from ‘Malpua’ ever since Simran posted her malpua cookie recipe on Ovenderful Mom Bakers Community. All the right flavours of malpua – Cardamom, Fennel, Ghee and Khoya in the form of a spongy moist cake. Too yummy to miss I say! The frequent power cuts inspired [rather forced] me to try making cake in a pressure cooker. Wondering if a steamed cake would be ‘cake-like’? Have a look at that gorgeous crumb. What a beautiful surprise it turned out to be….

A simple and tasty eggfree tutti frutti cake. For those of you who like 'tasty cakes' with no frills attached, this one totally fits the bill.
Eggless Cakes, Cupcakes and More

Tutti Frutti Cake [ Eggfree and Part Wholewheat]

I love simple tasty cakes and so does everyone in my family. The Whole wheat tutti frutti cake I made ages ago was quite a hit and loads of people tried the recipe with successful results. Last night I decided to make it again to send it over for my husband’s colleagues. Well I am so bad at following recipes, I don’t even follow my own! So after a quick look, I did my own thing and this turned out just as yum. Thought I would share this version with you guys too. Like always ‘simple does it’.

The easiest recipe for an eggfree vanilla cake. This recipe is perfect for beginners. Just get the ingredients and mix away.
Eggless Cakes, Cupcakes and More

Mix And Bake – Eggfree Vanilla Cake

Baking is often a lot about technique and precision. You would see words like sieving, sifting, whisking, beating, creaming and folding in every cake recipe. A lot of my friends are simply bogged down by the ‘terms’ used and decide not to bake at all. And then there is also the job of measuring ingredients to a ‘T’. One thing I picked up from my mum’s kitchen is ‘freestyle baking’. She always used the regular kitchen cups and spoons for measuring ingredients. She would simply see a recipe and do it her way. “Nothing better than eye measurement”, she would…

Eggless Cakes, Cupcakes and More

Hot Milk Cake- Eggfree and Whole Wheat

When my baking buddy Akshatha posted the ‘hot milk sponge cake’ yesterday. I simply had to try it. One- it looked amazing , two- I know Akshatha’s bakes are always simple and doable. Of course she’s got the knack to make simple stuff look drop dead gorgeous. Honestly if you check her blog, you will be spoilt for choices. With a couple of changes to the original recipe [ which is egg based] , I managed to make a pretty yummy cake. Check Akshatha’s Hot milk Cake and other baked goodies in her blog – Flours and Frostings.