Red Velvet Cake [ Egg-free, Whole Wheat And No Artificial Colour]

Kyu Ki Baby Ko BEET Pasand Hai !! Sounds cheesy I know but I somehow couldn’t stop myself from writing that. This cake got me super excited. The perfect colour, the right balance of sweet and tart, oh the crumb! To top it all an egg free, whole wheat version without any artificial colour. A couple of day’s back I happened to attend a meet, which focused on healthy baking. While chatting about colour doused red velvet cakes, I couldn’t help noticing the expression of a lady who absolutely loves red velvet cakes. This one is for you Madhuri. Here’s…

Filter Kaapi Cake

If there is one thing you shouldn’t miss when you visit a ‘tambram’ household, it is our piping hot filter kaapi. There is something special about sipping filter coffee, early in the morning while listening to the suprabhatam in M.S. Subbulakshmi’s voice. I always loved it when my mum woke me up with a steaming hot tumbler of frothy filter coffee. The aroma of freshly brewed decoction is something I always look forward to when I visit my parents home. This morning while sipping my cuppa, I realized I haven’t made a coffee cake for way too long! So, my…

Barley Brownies

One of my baking buddies has been creating some amazing bakes with barley flour. Experimenting with alternative flours in cakes and bakes can be a real eye opener. When it comes to cakes most people seem to believe that using white flour, refined sugar, butter and eggs is the only way to go about it. A year back I thought on the same lines. But then Ovenderful happened and this amazing ‘Healthy Baking’ community has made me believe that nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, is impossible when it comes to baking. Last night I decided on giving barley flour a go. We…

Natural Rose Cake- An Eggfree Cake Made With Home Made Rose Essence

My first experiment with a naturally flavoured rose cake was so successful that it encouraged me to make home made rose essence. This was made for my neighbour and she absolutely loved it. I know it doesn’t look rosy but the flavour is distinct yet not overwhelming. Whole wheat , eggless and with natural flavours , sounds lovely? Notes-

Gingerbread Cake

The holiday season and the winters do amazing thing to a baker’s mind. This is another recipe adapted from Arlene Kezwer’s book. Honestly i have become her fan. One thing what matters in baking is proportions and her’s are absolutely perfect in every single recipe. This is a ‘ winter cake’. I can

Choco Orange Marble Cake

Marble cakes are my all time favourite. There is something really beautiful about different layers, colours and flavours coming together in perfect harmony. Today’s bake is a heavenly combination of orange and chocolate. The tangy sweetness, the fruity aroma, the rich colour, what’s not to love in t

Rich Fruit Cake- Eggfree Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe

With Christmas around the corner, all i hear these days is ‘ rich plum cake’- The traditional rum soaked dry fruits filled festive Christmas cake . Just thinking about it makes one hungry for a bite isn’t it?? Not using eggs or alcohol, but still getting as close as possible to this festive bake, se

Simple Pineapple Cake Recipe- Easy Recipe For Beginners

For many beginners baking cakes can be quite a challenge and not getting right after a few attempts can make one lose interest altogether. This recipe is something that i have tried several times and the result is always amazing. It is perfect for first time bakers. Since i bake eggless cakes and pr

Beetroot Chocolate Cupcakes

I tried this the first time a few months back. Before i knew it, my kids had pounced upon them and they disappeared in five minutes flat. The cupcakes are moist and spongy. I specially love the sheen on top and the mesh like bottom. The colour is a lovely chocolaty-red. The beet root juice gives the

White Chocolate Dipped Dark Chococake Pops

Its Aardra’s third birthday and i woke up all excited to bake her favourite chocolate cake. i had these yummy chocolate bars from our recent trip to Coorg that i was waiting to put to good use. i keep planning as the work proceeds and so, by the time the cake came out i decided on cake pops that she