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Coconut mango pudding- A healthy dessert made with just 3 ingredients. A no-cook, no-bake sugarless treat that tastes absolutely yum
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Coconut Mango Pudding: 3-Ingredient Healthy Dessert

This Coconut Mango Pudding is sheer delight. A dessert which is yummy and healthy too. The coconut and mango pudding is inspired by my friend Priya’s gorgeous mango parfait which she made a few weeks back. I love layered desserts set in individual glasses. I had ordered basil seeds/ sabja sometime back and this healthy […]

These eggless brownies are made with just three basic ingredients. A yummy fudgy chocolaty treat that is super easy to bake.
3-Ingredient Recipes : Easy Recipes With Just 3 Ingredients, Desserts, Eggless Cakes, Cupcakes and More

Eggless Brownies With Just 3 Ingredients

Fudgy chocolaty eggless brownies with just three ingredients Gorgeous yummy eggless brownies with just three ingredients ? Oh yes! And guess what these are flourless and butterless too. Ok don’t roll your eyes now. It really is possible. Check this out and you will believe me. See I told you its awesome.  All you need […]

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Toffee Fudge: Christmas Treats

Chewy caramel toffee fudge topped with dark chocolate and nuts. Holidays are a lot about eating yummy goodies. This toffee fudge is a perfect ‘quick’ treat to please kids and adults alike. My facebook page is more often than not filled with food related posts. I absolutely loved the toffee fudge video I came across and made it the […]

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Barley Brownies

One of my baking buddies has been creating some amazing bakes with barley flour. Experimenting with alternative flours in cakes and bakes can be a real eye opener. When it comes to cakes most people seem to believe that using white flour, refined sugar, butter and eggs is the only way to go about it. A year back I thought on the same lines. But then Ovenderful happened and this amazing ‘Healthy Baking’ community has made me believe that nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, is impossible when it comes to baking. Last night I decided on giving barley flour a go. We…