Shortbread Cookies | Butter Cookies| Sugar Cookies | Eggless Cookies Recipe

Shortbread Cookies : Delicious melt in the mouth buttery cookies I love butter biscuits for their simplicity and yumminess. These shortbread cookies are made with just three basic ingredients- butter, sugar and flour . The key is to get the proportions right and to cream the butter-sugar mix until it turns gorgeous and fluffy . These taste…

5 Easy Cookie Recipes- Three Ingredient Cookie Recipes

5 Easy Cookie Recipes – These ‘3 ingredient recipes’ make baking cookies a breeze. From crumbly melt in the mouth to tangy lemon cookies you have it all.   Cookies are so much fun to make. And these easy cookie recipes are sure to make you fall in love with baking again. See how a…

Whole Wheat Spritz Cookies

Spritz cookies are delicate rich buttery cookies, that are shaped either using a cookie press or by piping them. These are also known as Swedish butter cookies and are quite popular during Christmas. The traditional recipe calls for flour, butter, sugar and eggs. This is an eggless version and made with whole wheat flour. Now don’t roll your eyes reading that. I had to make it a bit healthier somehow [and I wasn’t ready to reduce the butter or sugar , that’s the best part in these cookies]. These are crispy on the outside ,buttery and delicate on the inside,…

Whole Wheat Tea Biscuits

The weather is perfect for sipping some hot ginger tea along with crisp home made biscuits. Though I really love cookies, it is thin crisp wafer like biscuits that I crave for with my tea. Here’s my version of ‘krack-jack’ biscuits but in a healthy avatar. Notes-

3-Ingredient Lemon Tea Cookie Recipe

My love for baking makes me experiment a lot and my kitchen now feels like a Science lab. I was sipping a glass of icy lemon tea on a hot summer afternoon and half an hour later these super yummy refreshing cookies came right out of my oven. These cookies are super cool [literally]. Bite into the crunchy wheat cookie and feel the tangy lemon fill your mouth. Sounds lovely? Bake away then.