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A moist eggfree red velvet cake. What makes this special- The fact that it is a whole wheat cake and has no synthetic colours
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Red Velvet Cake [ Egg-free, Whole Wheat And No Artificial Colour]

Kyu Ki Baby Ko BEET Pasand Hai !! Sounds cheesy I know but I somehow couldn’t stop myself from writing that. This cake got me super excited. The perfect colour, the right balance of sweet and tart, oh the crumb! To top it all an egg free, whole wheat version without any artificial colour. A couple of day’s back I happened to attend a meet, which focused on healthy baking. While chatting about colour doused red velvet cakes, I couldn’t help noticing the expression of a lady who absolutely loves red velvet cakes. This one is for you Madhuri. Here’s…

Eggless Cakes, Cupcakes and More

Mom’s Eggless Cake-Whole Wheat Version

When I started off baking, a little less than a year back, this is the recipe I played around with. Being a part of a healthy baking group made me try a whole wheat version of my mom’s classic cake. It wasn’t difficult at all because her recipe is versatile. Just a tiny change and I had these super duper smooth topped delicious cakes. Its my mom and dad’s 32nd wedding anniversary today so well I thought let me go a little out of my comfort zone. So here’s what I ended up doing- A 3 tiered cake with three…