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Savoury bakes

Baked Kodubale

Kodubale is a famous spicy crisp deep fried snack from Karnataka. My love for baking and Indian flavours, made me try this baked version. Two of the main ingredients in the traditional kodubale are rice flour and gram flour. I decided to use beaten rice and roasted bengal gram to replace the same. B


Semolina Almond Cookies

Experimenting¬† with cookies is my favourite way to pass time. I recently read up one of Neeta Mehta’s book on¬† eggless bakes. The thought of semolina/ rava and almond in cookies seemed too interesting to be missed. Using her basic idea and my cookie style, resulted in this chewy wonder. These are ve

Healthy Oats flax-seed cookies to snack on during those mid meal hunger pangs. These crunchy nutty cookies are wholesome and totally yum.

Oats and Flax-seed Cookies

How many of you love snacking during the day?? Even after that heavy lunch we feel like munching on something with our evening tea. Here’s a perfectly healthy snack to reach out for , during those hunger pangs! Flax-seeds are an excellent source of Omega -3 fatty acids. It does have a distinct ‘nutt