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Eggless Cakes, Cupcakes and More

Eggfree and Wholewheat Chocolate cake

I always seize the opportunity to showcase the ‘healthier’ way to bake. And a good chocolate cake never fails to impress. Aardra has a school event tomorrow. And guess what she’s dressing up as? My almost four year old would make the cutest baker ever. To make her ‘bakery’ more realistic, mommy baker has decided to send across loads of home-baked healthy goodies. One of which is this super chocolaty whole wheat and egg free cake. Most people feel the ‘wheaty’ after taste, more so in their heads than in their mouth. So the best way to convince them how…

A simple and tasty eggfree tutti frutti cake. For those of you who like 'tasty cakes' with no frills attached, this one totally fits the bill.
Eggless Cakes, Cupcakes and More

Tutti Frutti Cake [ Eggfree and Part Wholewheat]

I love simple tasty cakes and so does everyone in my family. The Whole wheat tutti frutti cake I made ages ago was quite a hit and loads of people tried the recipe with successful results. Last night I decided to make it again to send it over for my husband’s colleagues. Well I am so bad at following recipes, I don’t even follow my own! So after a quick look, I did my own thing and this turned out just as yum. Thought I would share this version with you guys too. Like always ‘simple does it’.

Eggless Cakes, Cupcakes and More

Hot Milk Cake- Eggfree and Whole Wheat

When my baking buddy Akshatha posted the ‘hot milk sponge cake’ yesterday. I simply had to try it. One- it looked amazing , two- I know Akshatha’s bakes are always simple and doable. Of course she’s got the knack to make simple stuff look drop dead gorgeous. Honestly if you check her blog, you will be spoilt for choices. With a couple of changes to the original recipe [ which is egg based] , I managed to make a pretty yummy cake. Check Akshatha’s Hot milk Cake and other baked goodies in her blog – Flours and Frostings.

Eggless Cakes, Cupcakes and More

Strawberry Cake

Our 10th wedding anniversary plus Morphy’s first birthday called for a cutesy cake. So here’s a pretty strawberry cake. Eggless, part whole wheat, soft , moist and pink, this one is perfect for strawberry lovers. Oven temperature and time may vary. In case the cake starts browning on top , reduce the temperature to 160-165 degrees.